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Staircase Contractors Near Me

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

For the gorgeous staircase you've planned for your home, you've probably searched for the best staircase contractors near me on Google or asked friends and family for recommendations.

But with many staircase contractors around, it can be challenging finding the staircase contractor with the vision and dream that align with yours. Save yourself the hassle and turn to the team at Bilger Railing & Stairs!

Or perhaps, you're an architect, contractor, or interior designer. Just reach out to us to leverage our stellar reputation for a superior project executed to the letter.

Meet the master staircase contractors near you.

When it comes to designing, building, and installing top-quality stairs and railings that beautify your home, Bilger Railing & Stairs stand above the competition. With over 30 years of experience providing professional services, you can rest assured we'll complete your project to perfection.

Whether you are a homeowner or building contractor, our team of experts will work with you at every stage to install staircases that meet your design and style preferences.

Remodeling your staircase to give your home a modern look or installing a new one to bring all the design elements in your space together? Rely on our experience and expertise today.

Staircases delivered to perfection.

Bilger Railing & Stairs is delighted to offer you custom staircase services with unlimited options. We design and build staircases in various styles, including straight, spiral, and circular. We can also transform your existing staircases and add elegance to your home through quality stair remodeling services.

With superior craftsmanship and quality materials, your balusters, stairs, and railings will enhance the overall theme of your home. Whether you want steel handrails or one crafted from the finest wood species available, Bilger Railing & Stairs will design a project that reflects your unique taste and personality.

Areas we serve.

Through innovative designs and styles, we help homes and businesses in Lehigh Valley, Bucks, Montgomery counties, and coastal communities in Delaware & Maryland improve the aesthetics and functionality of their buildings.

So when looking for staircase contractors near you, turn to Bilger Railing & Stairs. We are just nearby!

You've envisioned your dream staircase. Now make it happen.

We understand everything staircases, balusters, railings, materials, quality craftsmanship, and what they mean to you. That's why we go all the way to build the most beautiful stairs with a high level of durability.

When looking for staircase contractors near me in any of our service areas, you can have full confidence in the team at Bilger Railing & Stairs.


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