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Retro Treads, Staircase Makeovers and Slabs (live edge tables, shelves, desks)

Updated: May 25, 2022

Are you a homeowner looking to renovate or remodel your property? You need professionals who know their onions as to the latest innovations and trends in home accessories and installations.

If you want to get your staircase looking like something out of a Medieval castle, then a retro tread is a great makeover. On the other hand, live edge furniture introduces a unique element to your home aesthetics.

Let's delve into what these pieces actually are, and why they're great ideas for remodeling your home.

What are retro treads?

Retro treads are stair treads specifically designed to replace the stair carpet with hardwood steps. Each retro tread corresponds with the height of the steps, and is uniform throughout.

Even if you have a plain-looking carpet, installing the right hardwood retro tread can transform the look from bland to outright spectacular.


High-grade treads are crafted out of solid hardwood with glued edges. This medium is preferred to engineered or veneered material. It can also be installed over existing treads.

If you have a stair riser installed, the stair tread will be placed above the riser, allowing for a tightly snug fit between the riser and the tread. It's important that there aren't any gaps.

For proper installation, you need expert services. A safety practice is the gluing of the extant stair structure to the stair parts. If it's not properly glued, it can lead to accidents and injuries.

What is live edge furniture?

Live edge tables are some of the oldest forms of furniture. They've always remained functional as a time and cost-effective method of crafting solid, long-lasting furniture.

In modern times, fashionable live edge shelves, tables and desks took on new levels of popularity after the award-winning designer and architect George Nakashima included the style in a collection. Since then, their popularity and utility have grown tremendously.

Now, the style is synonymous to office spaces, restaurants and homes. Despite its popularity, not many people know what it is.

For one, they are called "live" edges because at least one side of the wood is left unpolished to retain its natural rough edge.

Regular furniture is cleanly polished and has straight sharp lines. With live edge furniture, there's a bit to conserve some part of the wood's natural beauty. Flawed features like cracks and knots are left untampered to create an exotic effect.

If you're a lover of the outdoors, you will quickly find that live edge furniture brings a sense of nature into the indoors.

Each piece is a unique, original piece. In picking out live edge shelves, tables and desks, you can choose based on the wood species, color, cut and other factors.

Spruce up your home today! Bilger Railing and Stairs have an abundant variety of options for you to choose from. Get started.


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