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Options To Consider When Upgrading Your Home Staircase

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

A great option to give your home's interior a new look and feel is to upgrade stair case.

New treads

Treads are subject to tear and wear over time, as they're the part of the staircase most exposed to human activity. In some cases, they accumulate stains and scratches, ending up looking ugly after a time.

The common solution is to change the staircase altogether, but this needn't be the case. You should consider changing the treads to give your staircase a fresh outlook.

New lighting

The proper lighting provides a unique aesthetic feel to the house interior, and your staircase is no exception.

Not everyone is aware of this, as most people prefer to do lighting installations in other parts of the house.

Adequate staircase lighting does more than just make the place look pretty- it's functional, too, as the illumination reduces the chances of accidental falls down the stairs.

Remove the carpet

Carpets are a common staircase feature in many homes, as they look good. However, they're more trouble than they're worth.

Carpets accumulate dust and dirt and are thus hard to maintain. Given that your staircase sees a lot of traffic, having a carpet on it is pretty inconvenient.

So, you should remove the carpets and show off the material underneath them. Plus, it's much easier to clean!

Use stair runners

Wooden staircases typically feature stair runners. You can add a terrific aesthetic to it by having the runner in bold patterns.

The patterns greatly enhance the visual appeal and are highly recommended.

Include underside color

You should also consider painting your stair risers. The effect is profound, as it gives two unique views- one each from the top and bottom of the staircase.

Plus, you can use a wide range of colors, not just bold ones.

Include an art gallery

The stairway typically occupies a central section of the house, and you can add a modern twist to it by installing a classic photo gallery on the riser rather than on the wall.

New handrails

Staircase handrails come in different shapes and appearances. Perhaps you seek the conventional wood design, coupled with some sturdiness compared to the preexisting rails. Or, maybe you prefer something metallic.

Whatever your choice is, getting new handrails is a cost-effective option to consider when upgrading the staircase. We have a wide range of installation options to choose from. Request a quote today to get started.


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