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How to Choose the Perfect Railing Material for Your Remodel

Choosing the suitable material for the railing must be carefully considered in a home remodeling project.

This is because the right material is essential to the railing performing its primary safety function, preventing falls, and keeping pets and children safe. There are also various details to be considered, including style and height, amongst other factors.

Read on to learn more about these key considerations and how they can help you choose the perfect railing material for your home remodel.

Consider the purpose

Also, ask the following questions to assess what needs you intend to serve, which will give you a clear idea as to how to proceed:

  • Is it for safety purposes?

  • Do you want to enhance the aesthetics of your home?

Consider the location

The location of the railing is another essential factor to consider. Different environments have different requirements for railings. For instance, if the railing is being installed in an area prone to saltwater, you should choose a material resistant to corrosion. Additionally, if the railing is installed in a region with harsh weather conditions, you should select a weather-resistant material.

Consider your preferred design and budget

You also want to consider your preferred overall look, coupled with the extent of your budget. Various railing materials are available in different styles and textures, so you should consider the overall look you’d like for your home. On this basis, you can then choose your material, whether vinyl, wood, aluminum, or other options, all of which have varying costs.

Maintenance considerations

For railings in outdoor spaces such as your porch or deck, it’s ideal to go for sturdy materials with minimal cleaning or maintenance required, given the perpetual exposure to the elements. Here, you can use vinyl or wrought iron.

On the other hand, you may want to go for more aesthetic options indoors, which is where glass can come in handy.


Metallic materials, including wrought iron, steel, and aluminum, are highly customizable and can carry intricate motifs and classic scrollwork. Also, wood can be painted or stained in various colors. If aesthetics is high on your priority list, ensure your chosen material is customizable and available in multiple styles and colors.

Get beautiful and durable railings for your remodeling project today

A home remodel is a chance to give your indoor and outdoor space a touch of beauty, and choosing the perfect railing material is critical to achieving the ideal overall look. At Bilger Railing & Stairs, we offer various railing designs and can help you choose the best material for your space. Request a quote today.


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