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Top 4 Ways to Keep Your Wooden Staircase Looking Its Best

Your wooden staircase is a valuable investment that enhances the look and feel of your Lehigh Valley home. But to maintain that classic, elegant look, you have to give your staircase the proper care and attention. Here are some simple tips and tricks to keep your wooden staircase looking its best for years to come.

Identify the finish of your wood staircase

Finishes come in three major types - surface, penetrating, and unfinished wood- each requiring specific maintenance procedures and products. For example, if your staircase has a surface finish such as polyurethane, you can easily clean it by sweeping and wiping it with a damp cloth. Other types of finishes require more than just sweeping and mopping. You’ll also have to do some waxing to keep them in top condition.

You can determine the finish of your wooden stairs by running your fingers along the surface of the wood. If the surface is smeared, the finish may be penetrating or unfinished. If it doesn't, you probably have a surface finish. If you are still uncertain about the finish of your wooden staircase, get in touch with a staircase contractor.

Choose the right cleaning products

It’s essential to select the cleaning product that is designed for the wood and finish of your staircase. Otherwise, you’ll be doing more damage than good. After choosing the recommended product, follow the instructions to use it correctly. If you are having difficulty finding the right product, a safe option is to clean it with soap and water.

For penetrating finish or unfinished wood, using liquid or paste wax will also bring out the natural look of your wood staircase. However, avoid applying oil or polish, as they make the surface slippery, increasing the risk of falls and injury.

Repair dents and scratches

It’s natural for your wooden staircase to get damaged due to wear and tear. But fixing the damages as soon as you notice them will ensure you enjoy your staircase for a long time.

A quick and easy fix for dents is to apply a generous amount of wax to fill the space and create an even surface. For scratches, you’ll need a sealing agent to fill in the space and prevent water from penetrating the wood and causing more damage.

Renew the finish

If your staircase experiences heavy traffic, it is normal for it to fade over time. When this happens, it’s time to refinish the wood to protect it and enhance its appearance. To do it, sand down the wood surface to remove the old finish, clean away all the dirt and dust, and apply a new coat.

Keep your staircase looking elegant and timeless

Maintaining the appearance of your wooden staircase may seem challenging. But with the right care, attention, and expert advice, it’s not as daunting as you think. Don't hesitate to contact us for more tips on caring for your wooden staircase or other services.


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