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Staircase Renovation Options

Decor and aesthetics play an important role in the design of your staircase. You can use railings, color, and lighting to create a unique style in your home with your stairs.

Whether you want to maximize light in your home with glass or add a modern metal balustrade, Bilger Railings and Stairs can help. While the staircase may be durable, it may have lost its aesthetic appeal, which is where we come in.

Renovation options you should try

We have beautiful alternatives from a floating stairway, circular, bold contemporary, or classic straight stairway. What we need is your choice. We've got you covered from expenses to planning, design, etc. Here are some stairs options to consider when planning a renovation:

Float steps

The floating is a striking design feature you would want to try out in your home. A floating staircase is a real focal point when paired with glass and good lighting.

Enclosed staircase

This step option is usually enclosed on both sides of the wall. It comes in various shapes and is quite distinct since it doesn't come with a railing. There is a door at the top or bottom of the enclosed staircase. The step is compact and hidden, thus leaving limited scope for meaningful design elements.

Add an L-shaped stairs

These stairs are straight with a 90-degree turn somewhere along the stairs, usually at a midpoint landing.

The l-shaped staircase takes less space than a straight stair and can fit neatly in the corner of a room. These stairs are easier to ascend, unlike a curved stair, because of the landing, which interrupts climbing.

As for notable downsides, the additional complexity of the design and materials needed to build the handrails and support the landing make these stairs a bit expensive to build.

Add ladder stairs

The ladder stairs are best suited for space management. It's quite famous for small spaces and saves as many inches as possible.

These compact stairs are a seamless way to go up and down in your home. We have some designs that help you hide the ladder if it's not in use. Though ladder stairs aren't often the main staircase in a home, it's a good stair design to have elsewhere.

Renovate the Landing

One option to consider is to renovate the landing. You need winder steps and their extensions to achieve this. We can first take important measurements from the back to the front before adding 30mm to account for the winder step's nosing.

Pairing with wood and metal

Remember, wood has a stunning, natural beauty. Adding a touch of industrial metal can be a great way to add a great attitude to your stairs. If a mix of wood and metal appeals to you, you should choose this option. You can try deep natural wood treads, modern metal spindles, and handrails for a unique look.

Add staircase wall paneling and railing

Wall paneling is a good way to add texture and character. It works extremely well in period properties. And finally, to complete your newly updated staircase, why not add a wall rail?

It is not only a great design feature, but it also provides extra safety when ascending and descending the stairs.

Request a quote for your stairs and railing renovation if you want to give your stairs more attention than a coat of paint!


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