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Railing Remodels: Adding Value to Your Lehigh Valley Property

What comes to mind when considering a home improvement project that can add value to your Lehigh Valley property? A kitchen upgrade, bathroom remodeling, or energy-efficient improvement, probably.

But did you know that a railing remodel can enhance your home’s value? It may not be the first idea that springs to mind. But a railing remodel can boost the value of your property in several ways:

Enhanced safety

Railing systems are not just about the gorgeousness they add to your home; they are a crucial part of your home’s safety mechanism. With a railing remodel, you can upgrade your railing to a code-compliant system that guarantees the safety of occupants, especially children.

Families with kids looking to buy a home will no longer be put off by the old, unsafe railing. Instead, the upgraded railing may be the clincher for a sweet property deal.

Improved aesthetic value

Without question, aesthetics is a huge deciding factor in real estate. Your home may be located in the choicest neighborhood in Lehigh Valley. But if it doesn't look it, buyers may decide your home isn't worth the asking price.

One way to enhance your home’s aesthetic value is with a railing remodel. Whether you opt for the elegance of a wrought iron railing or the natural appeal of wood, railings can enhance the beauty of your property and increase its aesthetic value.

Long-lasting investment

Railing remodels are a long-lasting investment that can stand the test of time, especially when you work with a credible company. At Bilger Railing & Stairs, we use high-quality materials that require little maintenance and offer lasting durability.

By investing in long-lasting railings that add visual appeal to your property, more buyers will readily meet your high selling price.

Modern look

If you have an old railing system, it is likely detracting from the beauty of your home and adding to the overall poor impression. With its latest materials and modern styles, a railing remodel gives your home a newer and sleeker appearance.

For example, glass railings deliver a modern, luxury look that blends with any interior decor, a desirable feature for potential homebuyers. Also, aluminum railings are eco-friendly, making your home attractive to eco-conscious buyers.

Enhance your home’s value by working with Lehigh Valley’s #1 railing contractors

Railings can give your home’s value a significant boost. The trick is to work with a reputable professional. If you are in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas, contact us at Bilger Railing & Stairs for a quote.

We understand the nuances of the Lehigh Valley area and will work with you to create a captivating railing system that aligns with your vision and makes your home more valuable.


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