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Four Reasons Why Live Edge Slabs Are Great for Your Home

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Interior decor is more than just fancy colors and garish, outlandish enhancements and accessories. There are many popular ways to make your home look more appealing and aesthetically pleasing, and one of them is using live edge slabs.

Live edge furniture stands out among other interior design styles and enhances space in a way few accessories can. The effect is more than simply stunning. It beckons you to look, feel and experience a beauty that simultaneously exudes calm and wildness.

Live edge slabs are an excellent addition to your interior accessorizing.

A blend of modern and traditional beauty

Live edge wood slabs are a deviation from the norm. They don’t have all the elements of a modern, casual piece.

Rather, they combine the best attributes of modernity and the traditional rustic feel that comes with natural-edged wood.

After a tree is cut and fashioned into live edge furniture, it retains all of the natural lines of the specie, making it look and feel “alive.” The resulting coloring is brilliant, with exotic gray, chestnut, and black streaks in wavy shapes.

It’s a brilliant effect for whatever space it occupies, seamlessly blending traditional and modern aesthetics.


Live edge slabs do more than sit around looking pretty. They’re bound to last for several decades, meaning you’ll not have to spend money each year fixing it or ordering a costly replacement.

When it comes to interior decorations and aesthetics, you should select pieces for their long-lasting attributes as well as their attractiveness. And live edge slabs are no different.

They’re usually made from tropical hardwoods like Angelim Pedra, Tigerwood, Walnut, and Red Oak. These excellent pieces form the medium for the live edge furniture and are finished and treated to a sheen.

As they come from such long-lived species, they last for more than 30 years and are impervious to the effects of mildew and mold. Even better, they’re easy to clean and maintain.


Live edge slabs are versatile and flexible aesthetic pieces, as they blend well with any home decor style you wish to adopt.

If you have a modern style in mind, it works perfectly well, and the pieces simultaneously manage to stand out and fit right into the space.

On the other hand, live edge slabs don’t look out of place in a rustic or more natural interior decor setting.

Such is the versatility and flexibility that these pieces offer. What’s more? You’ll save money by spending less whenever you want to change your interior design style.

Indoor artwork

Live edge slabs serve the dual purpose of indoor furniture and art pieces. Because they’re fashioned from living trees, there’s a unique story in every swirl, line, grain, burr, and knot.

Your guests will not only feel comfortable within the space. They’ll also be very impressed.

Ready to enhance your living space with some live edge slabs? Request a quote to get started.


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