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5 Benefits of Stair Thread Covers

Extend the life of your staircase

Stair tread covers are perfect for keeping your family safe from falls and home injuries. However, it doesn’t just stop there, it helps to protect your staircase from quick damage resulting from frequent foot traffic. Using stair tread covers will prolong the life of your stairs.

They help you save money

As the tread covers take the brunt of use, pressure and traffic, they protect your stairs from lasting damage. In the long run, this translates to spending less on stairway damage repairs, and this helps you save money.

Ensures safety

Having stair tread covers will give you some peace when you or your kids have to go up and down the stairs, as the treads provide just enough buffer and friction to avoid accidental slips that may lead to severe injury. Whether you are remodeling or renovating or newly constructing a commercial or residential building, stair treads are excellent options for your stair’s safety.

Easy to clean

The best tread cover materials are very easy to clean, and can help you save time and energy in cleaning the entire stairway. So, instead of painstakingly cleaning each step, you can simply clean the tread covers in one go and replace them when you're done. Stair treads will give your staircase a beautiful and unique appearance from the regular staircase look. The outlook is both beautiful and functional, and the tread covers are available in various styles and designs.

What type of stair tread should you use?

After assessing the size of threads that you'll require, you have to consider the exact material that's best for you. Carpet treads are beautiful and best installed indoors as you'll expect less dirt in this part of the house than outdoors. Outside, you can stick to rubber treads as they're easier to clean and less susceptible to damage. You can also consider the benefits of other options like hardwood and metal stair treads.

Save money and transform your stairs today with thread covers

From improving safety and enhancing the aesthetics of your stairs, stair thread covers are no doubt a valuable investment. With a variety of styles and materials to choose from, now is the perfect time to install stair thread covers that enhance the aesthetics of your home and offer other benefits. Get a free quote today.

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